Recent Report Covers Upcoming Opportunities in Radio Modem Market

Radio modems are widely used in military and mission critical application. These devices are independent of the mobile and network operators and hence no cost is associated with the data transfer. Radio modems can transmit data without the help of wires to point to point or point to multipoint systems. They can encode, transmit and decode the data even for long distance. Technically radio waves are used for transmission of data. They have wide application in transportation and logistics such as remote data acquisition, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), telemetry, and automatic vehicle location (AVL).

Radio modems also have application in Land survey differential GPS, fleet management applications, SCADA applications, and automated meter reading. Antenna height and type of cables used, sensitivity of the radio, output power of the radio and the systems design are few factors that could affect the performance of the radio. There are many kinds of radio modems such as smart radio modems, classic radio modems, Modules that includes models for satellites, and SATEL-LP. Radio modems also have their applications in emergency response agencies and the normal band of frequency cannot be used to avoid congestion.

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Global Radio Modem Market – Drivers and Restraints

The Global Radio Modem Market is mainly driven by factors such as lesser infrastructure requirements, privately owned networks. An Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) requires communications to improve its process and is cost effective and sizes that are smaller driving the radio modem market. These modems are wireless and such products are at greater demand across the globe because of its wide advancements in technology which has been a major reason in growth of this market. The major drawback of radio modems are that the radio waves cannot transmit a lot of data simultaneously. The initial cost constraints involved in purchasing radio modems and hardware is significantly on a higher which can be a major drawback for the Global radio modem market to suppress.

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Global Radio Modem Market – Region Wise Outlook

The Global Radio Modem Market is divided into seven regions namely North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa. North America is expected to lead the Global radio modem market which is followed by Europe. Asia Pacific excluding Japan shows a decent growth over the forecast. China, since it’s a manufacturing hub of electronics signifies growth for APEJ. Middle East and Africa has a lesser market share in the Global Digital pen market. Latin America is also showing a steady market growth for Global radio modem market.

Global Radio Modem Market – Key Players

Adeunis RF

Arada Systems Inc.

Atim Radiocommunications

Autotalks Ltd.

B&B Electronics MFG

Campbell Scientific Inc.

Cohda Wireless

Commsignia Ltd.

Encom Wireless Data Solutions

Harris Corporation

Intuicom Inc.

Kapsch Trafficcom AG

Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Pro4 Wireless

Q-Free ASA

Satel OY

Savari Inc.

Schneider Electric Se

Simrex Corporation

Wood & Douglas Limited


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