High Speed Real Time Recording Market Set to Witness Significant Growth in the Coming Years

Real time recording is done on 30 FPS (Frames Per Second) on channel and the purpose of recording in real time is to capture the smoothest pictures. The real time recording captures every sample provided by the front end without loss. The high speed real time recording eliminates the time and risk associated with new technology system development. With the increasing pressure in defense and commercial arenas to get to the high speed real time recording market in priority, system engineers are looking for more complete off-the-shelf system offering.

High speed real time recording systems capture relatively large quantities of data from systems and sensors. The data is used for offline analysis or is replayed in a system for training. However the high-speed real time recording system have some unique functional and performance requirements, and this in turn imposes some requirement on 10GbE interface. The requirement differs significantly in several key application-level and hardware level areas from the requirements typically to 10GbE interfaces used in large server based market.

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Moreover, ready-to-run, PC-based recorder includes a complete PC workstation running windows XP, housed in a rackmount 4U chassis. Increasing product innovation is further anticipated to enhance the demand for high speed real time recording systems. For instance, the Model RTS 2711 high speed real time recording Instrument from Pentek integrates an extremely high-speed architecture which allows for instantaneous digitizing and recording of two signals at sampling rates of 500 Mega samples/sec. Further the RTS 2711 records the data directly in new technology file system format (NTFS). Which means as soon as the recordings are placed down on the RAID array hard disks, the recordings are immediately available to any window application for analysis or further post-processing.

High Speed Real time Recording Systems Market by geography

The Middle East & Africa high speed real time recording Market is expected to grow at a rapid rate during the forecast period and the growth is expected to be driven by a combination of legislations, construction, and the preparation for major events such as 2020 World Expo in Dubai and the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2022 in Qatar.

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High Speed Real time Recording Market Drivers and Restrains

The storage capacity, security, and quality of service (QoS), are key factors driving the high speed real time recording systems market. The increasing security needs is expected to fuel the demand for high speed real time recording systems during the forecast period.

High speed real time recording directly records the audio/video on a plurality of independent digital recorders in real time to produce a plurality of original recording in constant to prior efforts which require pre-performing of tracks through a sequentially numbered mastering process for the digital media. However, due to the rotating disks and moving head limits the time to access the data on hard-disk drive.

Educational establishments are adopting security systems that allow the authorities to respond to emergencies in real time. These provide automatic alerts of threats, as well as integration with other electronic security systems. This means when an intruder is detected, doors can be blocked to prevent access to the building.

However, in the current scenario of high-speed A/D converters operating in the gigahertz range, real-time recording has become a challenging task. The manufacturer needs to take into consideration the limitations presented by the operating and file systems, disk drive technology, the hardware interface, and the RAID controller technology. However, the manufacturers have developed serial fabric to provide high speed interface which is required to move the data, disk drive, and RAID HBA’S.


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